Automatically Tag your Facebook friends photos with AutoTagger iPhone app


AutoTagger app for iPhone automatically tags your friends Facebook photos when taken with your iPhone. The auto tagger app uses the technology to detect faces of your friends. It saves alot of time by tagging everyone in your album. Instead, use this app to tag facebook friends pictures automatically.

AutoTagger is a face recognition app for iPhone that automatically tags your Facebook friends on photos you take with your iPhone. It works this way, If you’re going to upload some photos from your iPhone to Facebook or if you’re planning to take a brand new one, then when you take a photo from your iPhone, it automatically recognizes the faces of your facebook friends and when you upload them to Facebook, it will be uploaded with automatically tagged ready.

AutoTagger app can detect only faces of your Facebook friends for privacy issues. In my opinion, it is a fun app to try out and 80% of the photos which are uploaded, it detects and tags faces perfectly.

If you’ve an iPhone and if you’re a Facebook addict who is using iPhone to browse and upload pictures to Facebook from your iPhone, then it is a must try out iPhone app. It is completely free on iTunes.

Download AutoTagger iPhone app

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