5 Pains To Go Through To Become a Professional Blogger


“Professional blogging” the word which makes any internet user drool for has few dark secrets which is invisible to common wisdom. Work from home, work at convenient timings, watch live cricket matches, full time FaceBook and Twitter access, lump sum payouts, less expenditure all these might look make professional blogging pretty cool and fun to be in. But there are few crucial things which many newbies fail to realize or refuse to accept when it comes to professional blogging. And jumping in to pro blogging before knowing the hard work, pain, skills which all top bloggers have taken can be immensely painful. I have been through it and so I wish it doesn’t happen to you. So simply read through ..

Professional Blogging needs sweat dripping hard work

Yes I mean it. Read again. “Sweat dripping hard work”. Working 10-14 hours a day is what the pros of today have done in the past and that is what got them here right now.
If you want to be a rich then you have to do the same things which rich people did “before getting rich” .

Professional Blogging will leave you completely blogged out

There will be a time when you will blankly stare out of the window seeking out for help. You will feel whether you are made for this job or not. Your subconscious may tempt to go for a normal squared shape jobs. Be patient. Go for a vacation. I bet you will be fine. :)

Professional Blogging doesn’t guarantee success

Not all have hit the opera level through pro blogging few just earn enough money to pay the bills while few earn money to make a trip around the world. It is not just a matter of skills but it is also a matter of luck.

Professional Blogging needs a business mindset

If you don’t treat your blog like a business and you don’t have a business model based around your blog then you are destines for failure. Meet any problogger in your industry and check what they are doing you will realize that all have a well chalked out business plan and that is what needed. If you are not of the business type and more in to research and stuff then problogging is not be for you.

Professional Blogging needs “Passion, Patience and Consistency”

Yes all THREE of them together not 1 of them neither 2 of those adjectives. All pro bloggers are passionate about their work they feel pumped when they wake up, they stick to their tasks even though the results are not evident and they have impeccable blog post frequency. If you miss even one of these you are doomed to failure.

I am not a professional blogger but I very well know the harsh realities newbies go through because the “effort needed to become a professional blogger is underrated”.

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