4Chan, DeviantArt Image Downloader with Mediarachnid


On the past we had seen many image downloaders and also tools to transfer Flickr photos to picasa, photobucket directly in one click, Now we have another image downloader which specially downloads images from 4Chan and DevianArt. If you’re not aware of 4Chan, let me tell you. 4Chan and DevianArt are the best sites where you can find art, photography, culture etc.

Mediarachnid is a free open source tool that allows you to download pictures from Google Image Search, DeviantArt.com, and 4Chan.com directly to your hard drive. All you need is to download Mediarachnid from the page and then double click it.

The interface of the tool has 3 tabs such as Google image search, devianArt and 4Chan image download. You can use any of the three. If you’re looking out for images in Google image search, then type the search query, set the size of the image or select the custom size and number of images per string and hit search.

It will ask you to choose a location in your hard drive to save the images. Once you’ve selected, it automatically searches for images related to your query and downloads the images.

Download Mediarachnid

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