Wikipedia Companion, Useful Chrome Extension for School Students

Advertisement is one of the largest useful resource encyclopedia with 16 million+ articles. On what ever topic you search, Wikipedia stands first on the search results and it provides detail information on all the topics. One of the best resources for students.

This handy Wikipedia extension for Google chrome will be useful for school students and researchers to search over Wikipedia. You don’t have to go everytime and use the search box, instead use this handy chrome extension which acts as a mini wikipedia browser inside Google chrome.

Wikipedia extension for chrome

Wikipedia Companion is a mini wiki browser which works inside Google chrome. It has all the features like a search box, history, cache etc. This brings searching wiki more enjoyable and useful. If you’re looking out for some other language, clicking the language switch will change the current article to a second language. There is also an option to show today’s featured article on startup.

You can select text within in the popup, then right click to search also you can customize popup size. You have access to your recent wiki lookups across any tabs and pages and also back, forward button makes it to feel like a mini wiki browser.

Download Wikipedia extension for Chrome

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