Monitor Web Analytics with Hit Stat Counter, Alternative to Google Analytics


As far I know, the best web analytics software Google Analytics, which provides the accurate website performance data and also real time web analytics and traffic report such as visitors, search keywords and many other data. But, when you need an alternative to Google Analytics, then try which helps you track your visitors in real time and also other website performance datas.

These kind of business marketing analysis software can be used on any websites or blogs. Just two lines of codes that you need to put in your website and the rest will be taken care by Hitstatcounter. Once you’ve signed up for a free account, you can track upto 10 websites with the detailed statistics for free.

You can track your visitors with great precision, know what they do and how they do it, where they come from and where they live. Increase your traffic based on this valuable information.

Features of HitStatCounter :

  • Real time statistics.
  • Track outbound links.
  • Track downloads.
  • Visitor hostnames and organizations.
  • Powerful filtering and segmentation.
  • Goals and conversions.
  • Customizable dashboard.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Email reports.
  • Live view of every individual visitor on your site right now.
  • Works with visitors who have disabled JavaScript.
  • Official WordPress plugin for easy integration with your blog.

When you get into the demo dashboard which is provided by the Hit Stat counter, you will know how it is. It has 4 tabs such as visitors, actions, reffers and goals. It shows the List of keywords, list of countries from where visitors come from, length of visits like how many minutes they have stayed on your website, visitors browsers like what browsers they have used and also the live visitors, which means real-time analytics.

You can set goals and also monitor the website performance using the Hit stat counter. Watch the Hit Stat counter video below

Try – Free web analytics tool

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  1. I am using Woopra along with Google analytic. Woopra’s desktop app is really very user friendly.

  2. aatif says:

    I think i have to check it as google analytic slow down the speed of web page . what about this ?

  3. arthur says: is awsome thanks for sharing!

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