5 Useful PDF Tips and Tricks


Following are some useful PDF tips and tricks which can really improve your experience of using PDF files. After knowing this I am sure you will definitely find PDF much more useful and usable.

Password protect you PDF files:

This is one sought after feature by many people. There are many times when you would want to protect a PDF file to be viewed by someone else. Unfortunately, Adobe Reader does not allow you to password protect your PDF file. It can be done only with Adobe Professional which you will have to buy.

Workaround for this is to use Microsoft Office. Basic idea is that we will not password protect a PDF file directly, but we will use Microsoft Office Word was a wrapper around PDF file (in simple words, we will embed the PDF file in a word doc) and lock the word file. Following are the steps on how you can do that:

Insert/Embed the PDF into Word:

In Word, go to the Insert menu and press Object

Click on the Create From File tab

Click on Browse and select the PDF file you want to protect

Click on OK to close the Object window

The PDF document is displayed in Word and if you double-click on the page it will open it in Adobe.

To password protect the Word file:

Go to the File menu and Info tab

Click on Protect document (Permissions settings) > Encrypt document with password

Enter the password and click OK, you will be asked to re-enter the password

Then press Save

You can delete the original PDF if you wish as it now exists in the Word document.

Convert Text into Voice – Let Adobe Reader, Read the document to you:

To have Adobe Reader read aloud a document, click the “View” menu, choose “Read Out Loud”, and then select “Read This Page Only” or “Read to End of Document”. When you are done, go back through the “View” menu and choose “Pause” or “Stop”.

If you want to change how Adobe Reader speaks the current document, click “Edit”, select “Preferences”, then choose the “Reading” preferences. You can change the speech volume, attributes, the reading order, and more.

Find meaning of the word from Adobe Reader

To get the definition or meaning of a word, first make sure you are connected to the Internet. The “Select Text” toolbar button should be highlighted, if it is not already. Then, right-click on a word in question and choose “Lookup [word]” from the popup menu.

Create PDF from Microsoft Office:

If you are using Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, there is a free Add in from Microsoft which helps you save a file as PDF. Download Office add-on to save file as PDF and install it.

Once you have installed it you can save as / export any file in all programs of Microsoft Office Suite as PDF. This literally gives you ability to create a PDF file as and how you want it.

Print as PDF – Convert any file which can be printed via any program as a PDF.

PrimoPDF is a free utility which you can install in you system. Once it is installed it is effectively available as a printer when you hit the print file button on any program. PrimoPDF prints the file as PDF file which you can save in your machine and use later.

Using this you can convert any file such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Webpage etc into a PDF. All you have to do is hit the print button and select PrimoPDF as your printer. Download PrimoPDF and install it.

Convert Web pages into PDF files

Previously we had discussed about two tools such as PDF MYUrl and PDF Newspaper which prints web pages into PDF files and newspaper format for easy reading.

PDF into Image files

Converting your PDF files into Image slides with 123 PDF to Image, read the rest here. Also check out how to extract images from PDF files without losing its quality.

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