Turn off Restart Now message in Windows with Leave ME Alone


When ever you do an automatic windows update, you will be happy that it will automatically update your system. The real pain the ass is when it pop up a small window saying, you need to reboot the system with in 5 minutes when you’re busy working/playing/reading ? Let’s turn off this annoying notification that reminds you every 5 minutes that your computer needs a restart. When you choose ‘restart later’ option, it waits about 10 minutes and then pops this screen up again.

Leave Me Alone is a little free utility that turns off the source of these restart messages. It is certain to boost your productivity when the Windows Update Restart beast comes calling. It does not permanently disable your updates, it temporarily stops that annoying restart message in Windows.

Download Leave Me Alone

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  1. Vincent says:

    Very nice utility… only for 98 Os or for all?

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