Sync Firefox addons across Multiple Computers with Siphon


We had seen sync bookmarks on Firefox across multiple computers, now how about sync firefox addons across multiple computers ? Just install all the necessary firefox addons on your home pc and sync with the same addons on your Office pc ? Cool isn’t it ? If you’re re-installing the Firefox browser, all your bookmarks, useful Firefox addons will be lost. You can restore all the bookmarks by taking a backup of it. You can also Backup Firefox browser But when you consider Firefox addons, you cannot do it. Instead, you can sync all your favorite Firefox addons across multiple computers.

Siphon extension for Firefox will manage and sync all your Firefox Add-ons with different computers. It will also save your Add-on list if you ever need to reinstall Firefox. You can easily delete an addon from the sync list and also you can specify which installed addons to get synced.

Once you’ve installed the Siphon extension, a small window of siphon settings will get opened. There you need to signup for the sync of all your firefox addons on the cloud server. Just enter your email address, password and signup an account for free. Then once you’ve signed up, enter your username and password on the settings panel and it will automatically list out all the extensions which you’ve installed on your firefox browser.

Now just click the Sync button and all your Firefox addons will be sync on the cloud. So when ever you do a fresh install of the Firefox browser, just install this Siphon extension first. Then login into the Siphon extension using your username and password. It will show you the sync addons on the list and then you can install all your favorite firefox addons.

Siphon – Best way to manage & sync firefox addons across multiple PC.

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