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On the past, we had talked a lot about how to keep focused and improve office productivity and how to manage time and stay focused only on the work. Even though you sit down at the computer and you swear you’ll be productive, the next thing we do is check our emails, updating Facebook status, browsing the trending topics on Twitter, reading RSS feeds, Chatting on MSN, playing online poker and at the end of the day, you’re loaded with all the incomplete work. Now if you’re an chrome user, you can be stay focus and improve your productivity at work.

StayFocused extension for Google chrome helps you to stay focus on your work and improve your productivity, the extension will restrict the amount of time you can spend browsing some of the time-wasting websites. Once your alloted time for the day has been used up, the sites you have blocked will be inaccessible until the next day.

Suppose if you’re a cricket addict and addicted to the site (for cricket scores and news), If you think that this website is pulling down your productivity at work, you can simply install this extension and go head with your work.

Once you’ve installed this extension, go to (for example) and click StayFocused extension on the top address bar on Google chrome, you have options such as Block websites, Block some pages of website etc. Select the options and go to settings of the extension and set the time for the website. Suppose if you set 10 minutes, then the extension will allow you to browse Cricinfo only for 10 minutes per day. Once the time is over, you can browse the website only the next day. So there by it limits your addiction and helps you to stay focused.

You can set the time and also select the other options through the settings page. You’ve options such as Block the entire website which blocks the whole website and doesn’t allow you to access even a single page. Another option like Block some pages of the website, If you block pages like, then you can access other pages like etc. You can also block or allow any specific page or path of a website by entering the custom URL of the page.

You can change the amount of time allowed per day by going to the settings panel. When you click on the small StayFocused icon on the address bar, you can know the remaining amount of time for browsing the website on that day. Once the time alloted expired, you will be redirected to stayfocused website page. Your allotted time will be reset once per date, at the Daily Reset Time. If you use up all your time early in the day, then you’ll have to wait until the Daily Reset Time passes before you can browse blocked sites again.

On the options page, you can also select the days which you want to Stay Focused to be OFF. If you’re on weekends, you can off the stayfocused extension and select the weekdays to make it work.

Download StayFocused extension for Chrome

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