Find out software which caused system crash error, reboot issue with Who Crashed


You might have faced the Windows blue screen death or blue screen vista. These blue screen errors and Windows crash happens because of what ? Why does the system crash happen ? What made the computer system to crash ? How to fix blue screen errors ? These errors are happened mainly due to the hardware failure such as device drivers get crashed or kernel modules are malfunctioned inside Windows operating system.

In some systems, they don’t show the blue screen instead, they reboot without any notice. It will be very annoying when the computer reboots itself without any notice when we are working. How to find what made the system to show crash errors and why is that the new computer often reboots ? You can easily know all the information with a tiny tool named ‘Who Crashed‘.

Who Crashed is a tiny useful tool that shows the drivers which have been crashing your computer. It displays a detailed analysis and pinpoints the offending drivers which have been causing erros on your computer. Usually you need some debugging skills to find out the misery happening inside your computer. Once you’ve installed this Who Crashed tool, you don’t need any debugging skills, just get all the information with one single click.

Who Crashed – Crash Dump Analysis Tool

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