Show Google Analytics and MailChimp data in WordPress with Analytics 360 Plugin


Google Analytics is the first thing that you should install in your blog. Google Analytics web tool gives you an amazing insight into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. You can analyze the traffic of your website and you can also find out from where does the traffic to your website come from such as search engines, social networking sites etc. You may be analyzing Google analytics data all these days from their website, now you can check Google analytics data directly from your WordPress dashboard.

MailChimp’s Analytics360 plugin allows you to pull Google Analytics and MailChimp data directly into your dashboard, so you can access robust analytics tools without leaving WordPress. All you need is two things, MailChimp API key(optional) and Google Analytics account for it to work. Like other WordPress plugins, download analytics 360 plugin and install it on your WordPress. Once you’ve activated the plugin, go to settings > analytics 360 and enter your API key if you want to use MailChimp and authenticate Google analytics account so that it can display the Google analytics data directly on your dashboard.

Everything done ? then you can view the stats of your Analytics and MailChimp data anytime by going into WordPress dashboard. These type of plugins, make your work easier just by displaying everything under one roof. You can find out the trends and see how blog posts and email campaigns affect overall traffic. You can also isolate traffic coming directly to your site from email campaigns, Search engines and other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

With the help of Google analytics, you can see where in the world your traffic is coming from. You can see what sites are sending traffic, and dig in to see what stories they’re linking. Compare traffic sources to one another. Ultimately Google analytics is one must install for websites and blogs. If you’re not aware of MailChimp, you can learn more about it here.

Download Analytics 360 Plugin

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  1. That’s a great plugin I wasn’t aware of. I am not actively using MailChimp (at least related to my blog) but the analytics part saves me the time to go to my Google account every time. Installation was fast and flawless, too.

  2. Shayna says:

    Do you have any other advice for mailchimp plugins we should install as an e-commerce site?

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