Search Google Bookmarks on Chrome using Lite Bookmarks


Even though there is a bookmark manager default in Google chrome, third party apps and extensions are built to make it much more easier than the default ones. I personally don’t like the default bookmark manager, as I use chrome browser with lot of bookmarks saved (may be more than 3000 bookmarks), the default bookmark manager in chrome acts slow and sometimes weird, So here is a tiny extension that lets you to access your bookmark easily and in organized way.

One thing that I love the most on Google Chrome browser is, sync the bookmarks online cloud. You can access your bookmarks anywhere with your Google account and Chrome browser. Using the Lite Bookmarks extension for Google chrome you can access and manage your Google bookmarks easily. The best Google bookmarks manager extension for Google chrome.

You can search your bookmarks easily and it supports labels and bookmarks with no lables by default. You can search for bookmarks as you type. Instant effect eh ? All your bookmarks favicon are displayed. Favicons are nothing much small icon symbols that will appear at the top of browser. All the bookmarks are ordered alphabetically and you can also add any bookmarks to Google bookmarks instantly using the add plus sign provided on the interface.

Lite Bookmarks extension for Chrome

If you’re using some other browser like Firefox, Opera, Safari, then check out this Visual bookmark manager TidyFavorites.

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