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We have been talking alot about bookmark manager and previously we talked about Lite Bookmarks addon for chrome which manages your Google bookmarks, now this one is specially developed free tool that manages your bookmarks internet favorites. Export your bookmarks from Chrome, Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera or any other browser for the first time and Import it to URL Gather tool to manage your bookmarks the easy way.

URL Gather is a small tool that is designed for people who want more than the browser’s bookmarks to maintain your favorite sites. It will greatly simplifies the management of your sites! When you find a favorite site, you can use URLGather to save its URL easily and visit it again by simply selecting the URL item. You can save many many sites URLs according to different categories as you want.

You can organize your favorites by category, use a password to protect them, export them to HTML, search for duplicates, set the default browser to open or search by keywords.

Features :

  • Easy to use interface
  • Configure multiple browsers to open your URLs.
  • Support password protection for startup.
  • Organize your URLs into categories to personalize your web experience.
  • Easy maintenance of your URLs, support Drag and Drop actions between items.
  • Import bookmarks from IE or Firefox or anyother browser and Export to individual URLs.
  • Save all URLs into a single file, easy to maintain.
  • Search and find a specific URL you saved rapidly.

Download URL Gather

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  1. Generator Rentals says:

    Thanks for this tool. I hope it can keep all my book marks sorted finally. It’s been a challenge to keep 3 sets of bookmarks all synced with each other.

  2. Mike says:

    Missing drag and drop capability (from browser client into the UI)

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