Remove any Object or Person in an Image using Webinpaint


Image editing tools offers various features such as morphing, remove background from the image, color touch photos etc. We had also seen lot of desktop and online image editing tools, now adding to the list of image editing tools, here is a specific tool that lets you to remove any object or person in the image.

WebInPaint is a small application that will allow you to modify all sorts of images by removing people or objects that you don’t want to be present in the image. The webinpaint tool is just like an eraser in MS Paint, all you need to do is, load the image in WebInPaint application, click the tool, erase the object or person, click the InPaint button.

The result is pretty neat, so it will not be the typical white area where the rubber used in common desktop applications for photo editing. One of the best application which have used recently for retouching photos by eliminating objects that we don’t want to be there in the image.

Try WebInPaint – Remove Objects in Images

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  1. Crunchynow says:

    wow….too good..

    i will also try it….

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