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After the instant mania such as Google Instant, YouTube Instant, Facebook Instant, adding to the list of Instant tools, HTML Instant is one useful tool for all the HTML coders. Just write the HTML codes on the left pane and you will see the instant results on the right pane. For example, if you write some letters with the bold tag, you will be seeing the results instantly on the other side.

Instant HTML is a small application that allows us to write all sorts of HTML/CSS/Javascript codes on the text area on the left and it will update in real-time to the right frame.

Instant HTML will be very useful for peope dealing with coding tutorials, so that they can screencast the tutorial by writing the codes in the left frame and getting the instant results on the right frame without disturbing their work.

Click the HTML Editor button which is seen below the window, you will get the WYSIWYG editor where you can add codes for table, add images etc.

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