Online To-do list task manager with List Maker


We had talked alot about to-do list desktop apps and also online to-do list manager. Adding to the to-do list apps, Listmaker is one of the beautiful online to-do list apps around the web. The easy user interface with some lovely color combinations together make Listmaker stand out from the crowd. is a simple online to-do list manager. It manages all your to-do list with one simple interface. Signup for a free account and manage your to-do list effectively. These online to-do list apps saves alot of time. If you want, here are some more tips for managing your time and working effectively.

Once you’ve signed up for an free account, enter your details and get into the Listmaker app. You can simple click add new list and enter all your to-do items. You can drag and drop to arrange according to priorities. You can add colors to differentiate the importance.

Once you’ve done the task, click on the to-do items and it automatically moves to the finished items. One more useful online app for daily productivity.


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  1. Christine says:

    Listmaker looks nice and personally I like the colours. I was given some task managers to look through quickly some weeks ago before my employers brought the software. Unfortunately Listmaker wasn’t in the bundle. They chose Dooster which is really very good and though not as colourful has improved the corporate day for me which had been getting pretty messy.

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