Monitor Folders for any changes, additions, deletions with Folder Spy


After using this tiny free tool named Folder Spy, just a question poped up inside, ” why did nobody invent this before? Why is this not integrated into the operating system by default ? Anyway one of the useful tool to monitor your files and folders on one specific location and it spys the folders for any changes modifications, additions or deletions to the folder.

Folder Spy is a freeware that monitors folders you specify for any changes, additions, or deletions within said location – either from any file that’s in the folder or from a filtered list of files that you’re free to edit as much as you want.

Folder Spy also alerts you when there is any modifications to the specific folder which you’ve mentioned and also you can assign a task to the Folder Spy tool to launch a specific executable it it detects a modification. Ever wanted to find (with proof) if your younger brother deleted your file? Ever caught yourself wanting to spy your friend computer? The Folder Spy lets you to do things easily.

All you need to do is, just download the Folder Spy, install it. Double click the folder spy tool and add the folders that you want to spy. Optional – If you want to execute some apps when you find some modifications in the folder, then give the location to execute the app and then close the Folder spy. that’s it.

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