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When you want to type a document in some other language and when you try in one language but the result was in another. Irritiating eh ? Sometimes when you need to type a document in some other language and your keyboard layout doesn’t support the original format of the language and when you type the document, it annoys you. and also When you want to type the paragraph in caps lock mode and you forget to use ‘ALT+SHIFT’ ? No more worry, just in single click, you can turn your ordinary letter cases into full upper case letters in just one click. Cool feature isn’t it ? The tiny free tool named ‘LangOver’ does all this job.

LangOver version 5.0 is a simple free tool that allows you to convert your text quickly between languages. Just click “F10” and your text will be fixed! LangOver 5 is free and Supports ANY language!

Features of LangOver :

  • You can convert lowercase characters to Uppercase and vice versa using Shift + F10
  • You can reverse a text or a sentence using Shortcut key “F6″.
  • Only the position of the word gets reversed while the letters are kept intact.
  • You can search any text at Google. Just select a phrase and click Control + G.
  • You can translate your text from any language to any language with Google translator. click Control + T

Alltogether LangOver is a must have for Windows and especially if you’re a person playing with multiple languages.

Download LangOver and You can also follow them @Langover

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  1. Harsh says:

    Nice find. Moreover, its not a browser addon, particularly browser independent.

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