Keep Facebook, Flickr, Picasa Images as Background Wallpaper and Change Background of Your Desktop at Regular Intervals Automatically


Previously we had seen Windows tools that allows you to change desktop wallpapers at random time intervals, today another free software that fetches the images from your Flickr, Picasa or Facebook account and you keep them as your desktop wallpaper with regular time intervals.

John’s Background Switcher is a program very well done and feature rich. If you’re a fan of photo sharing services online like Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Facebook, Yahoo, SmugMug, John’s Background Switcher can retrieve images from those sites. Just tell it the album name, author or keyword, so that the software uses the corresponding photos in the background. Finally you can base your background about RSS feeds offered by some websites that contain images.

You can choose images from your computer or photo sharing sites like Flickr, Facebook or any photo websites with RSS feeds from sites like DeviantArt, Photobucket, LOLCats and Zooomr amongst many others!

Download John Background Switcher

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  1. Himanshu says:

    cool application. its great to have facebook pics in the background. nice post man.

  2. Fareed khan says:

    Thats great tool…Thank you for sharing

  3. Too cooL app dude:)
    Wish i had unlimited Internet Connection 24×7 :)
    thanks foe sharE!

  4. Hari says:

    Too Cool… :) Very useful app….

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