Identify the Technologies used behind any website, blogs


How to find out the software technology used behind any website ? You looked into a website or web application that makes you feel that you need to create one that looks same, so how to find out the software used to build the website ? Here is a small online tool that allows you to find out all the technologies used by any web page so that you can understand a little better how they work internally.

Builtwith is a website analysis tool and SEO optimization tool that allows you to find out the technology used behind any website or blog. Just enter the domain name (for eg: and it will display all the technologies used on the site such as widgets, frameworks, programming languages, character encoding etc.

If you look into the example domain, it shows server information such as Google webmaster, Bing, Yahoo, Analytics used Google analytics, Advertising Google adsense, Javascript libraries such as JQuery, Widgets and WordPress plugins, Blog software such as WordPress, and much more..

All the above statistics will be shown under the technology profile tab, if you want to build similar website, then you need to check out the next tab named ‘Build Profile’ tab that will help you to own a similar website or blog that you’re were looking out for.

BuiltWith – Find out Technology behind a website

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  1. Nice tool, hehe famous bloggers would not be too happy! with their secrets revealed.

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