How To View Network Security Cameras, Traffic Cameras Worldwide


There are many live traffic cameras and security camera webcams from around the world which broadcasts image of offices, parks, street corners, and many public and private areas. You can really have fun by checking out what other people are doing, through networked security cameras to spy on them. Now the point is, how to search these security cameras and web cams ? Google will help you. Here is a small trick to hack Google and make it work. This will let you hack into random live scurity cameras all over the world and operate them.

1.Go to

2.In the search bar type in: inurl:”viewerframe?mode refresh”

3.Then go to any of the search results and voila!There’s your live view.

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  1. vishnu says:

    post is not clear can u explain in detail?

  2. aatif says:

    seems it work . i used some time ago like this trick

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