How to Save Facebook Chat History ?


Facebook has an in-built chat client that lets you to chat with your Facebook friends, recently we had seen How to go invisible or offline mode in Facebook chat, now let’s see how to save the Facebook chat history. If you’ve used Gmail chat, you can find all the chat history saved in Gmail log. But when you see Facebook, there is no archive of Facebook chat messages.

Facebook Chat History Manager extension for Firefox allows you to keep the Facebook chat history on your computer, so that next time we visit the site we can see what we said to that person on Facebook chat. Installing and use this extension on Firefox is easy. Let’s see how to ..

How To Save Facebook Chat History with Facebook Chat History Manager Firefox Extension :

Go to Facebook Chat History Manager extension

Install the extension on your Firefox browser

Now Go to Tools > Facebook chat history manager > Get Facebook ID (you should be logged into Facebook already)

Now allow the Facebook app to access your Facebook account, while closing the window, you will get a pop-up with you Facebook ID – Note it down on notepad file or small paper.

Now Go to Tools > Facebook chat history manager > Create Account

You need an account to save all this facebook chat messages, creating account is free. so quickly sign up for an account with some username, password and Facebook ID.

Now you can see a pop-up message saying ” Your account has been created successfully ”

Now once you’ve created your account, Go to Tools > Facebook chat history manager > View history – here you can view all the chat messages which are categorized according to the friends name and you can view history of today, yesterday, last week, last month etc.

You can also export the Facebook chat history to a Notepad file. Same like that you should go to tools > facebook chat history manager > export history – once it is successfully exported, it shows a pop-up message.

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  1. Crunchynow says:

    Nice post…

    i had always wanted to do that……

  2. hey good post :) we can use this trick for gmail too?

  3. emma1234 says:

    What if i wish to export older messages?

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