How To Make Your Readers Click The Link ?


Getting the attention of readers isn’t easy task. If you ever want to make the reader or visitor to click the link and force them to read it ? Forcing means not by telling them that ‘please click here’ or something like that, but getting into their minds and making them to click the link automatically. So, here are few tips that I would like to share to make your readers click the link. What ever it may be, an advertising banner or important title post or suppose if you’re giving away something on your blog and how to capture the attention of your readers and make them to click the link ? Here are few main tips that one should follow to get your readers’ concentration.

The color of the link should be outstanding from the web page and it should be very easy to locate. Use contrasting color links and differentiate with the other links.

Make the links visible to the readers. Avoid hiding the links under a banner or big titles. Post it clear and visible to the readers. Use heat map tools to find out where you’re visitors are engaging more in the web page and find out the spot and place the links over there.

On my personal research, I have found that text links have higher click rate than linked images. So, always prefer text links with correct location.

When I say location, it means position of the links, whether it is text link or image links, if it is important, place it “above fold” website. Above fold is the place where your website visitor see without having scroll down the page.

Font style and size plays an important role in placing a link. Never use big stylish fonts, check your website fonts and make sure the text link blend with the design of the website.

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If you use image links, then make sure the graphics which is used in the image are clickable and should stand out from other image links. Use bright or bold contrasting colors graphic and don’t forget to use ALT text for each linked image. Because when visitors move their mouse over the image, they will have the indication material which is being linked.

Finally once everything is set, ask your family members or friends to navigate your website and see whether they click the link. Because a fresh set of eyes will give good indication.

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  1. Harsh says:

    Nicely carved post. I agree with you that “text links have higher click rate than linked images”, may be ‘coz they mix up with text well.

  2. Sharninder says:

    Text links are better but the content has to still be good. I’ve seen websites which use all of these techniques and still don’t get a good click through rate because of the below standard content. Like they say, on the Internet, Content really is king

  3. thanks for the post

  4. Inkvector says:

    Thank you! I got it!

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