How to Find out Whether the Flight has Wifi or not ?


When you wanted to travel long distances over flights and usually you get bored during your travel. So how about browsing the web while you’re in travel on flights ? Internet opens a wide possibilities with the Wireless connection – Wifi connections on airplanes. You can use your iPad or Tablet while on airplanes. Now the thing is, how do you know whether the airplane which you travel has a wifi connection or not ? allows you to check which flights are wireless-internet capable and all you need is to select your airline carrier and enter the flight number, it displays the destination and arrival place, and also tells you whether it has Wifi or not.

With the increasing number of carriers, the flight which you travelled a week back may got Wifi now. So if you’ve experienced Wifi on specific airplanes, you can caste your vote on the place where it shows Yes/No. So that it would increase the Success trustability for other people.

Check – The Inflight Wifi Resource

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  1. vicky89 says: real good place for wifi details, thank you for the post sri

  2. A simple cool tip or tool. Thanks for sharing this. It was useful.

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