How To Disable Protected Mode in Office 2010 ?


By default, Office 2010 opens documents from the download only in protected mode, read-only mode to reduce the risk of exposure to potential security threat. You may be provided with the option to enable editing but sometimes it is irritating and users get annoyed when always opened in protected mode. Now let’s see how to permanently disable the protected mode in Office 2010.

How To Disable Protected Mode in Office 2010 ?

Open Office 2010

Go to File > Options

Go to Trust center and Turst center settings (over the right window)

Now Select Protected View from the left pane and uncheck the desired security settings.

This is done in Word 2010, you must manually uncheck the options from ‘Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Outlook 2010, etc. respectively.

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  1. awesome trick dude !
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