How Fast Can you type on the keyboard ?


To improve your typing speed and to test typing speed we had seen various applications and tools such as Klava, Facebook app to test typing speed etc. When we enter into these applications and check our typing speed, something tells our conscious that we should be more careful in using these applications to get some high marks on these typing tests. But Generally how fast can you type on the keyboard when you’re at work doing normal day-to-day stuff ?

Typing Speed Monitor extension for Google chrome gives you statistics on how fast you type, what you type, and how often you type. The more you type, the speed with which we write and how often we do are the three main data, ideal for those who are doing a typing course or are curious to see your performance on your computer.

It records only the active typing. Ah, what is active typing ? Active typing is the time you spend typing and does not include any breaks longer than 5 seconds that occur between keystrokes.

Check out Typing Speed Monitor chrome extension

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  1. Crunchynow says:

    nice one…

    i will also check my speed……

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