3 Ways to Get Help When Your Twitter Account Suspended


Once a while we share lot of twitter tips and twitter apps that are very much useful to twitter users. If you’re not aware of twitter apps, twitter tools and best twitter tips, then you’re missing something big. Just bookmark this post which deals with 170+ twitter apps, tools and tips which we will be updating every month. So are you a twitter addict ? Can’t live without tweeting ? What will you do if your twitter account is suspended ? You will be no longer tweeting. That’s so sad. So here is the 3 best ways to get help if twitter account get suspended.

Twitter is mix of good people and spammers. So these twitter automatic machines suspend your twitter account if it feels that you’re some where related to spamming your twitter account or getting involved in hijacking some other twitter account or spreading some malicious codes on twitter. On these circumstances, you may accidentally involve and finally the result will be “Your twitter account is Suspended”.

Is your twitter account suspended due to strange activity ? Why is your twitter account suspended ? Whom to contact when your twitter account suspended ? How to remove the twitter account temporary suspended message ? Here you go !

From the Twitter account suspended page, you can just fill up a form or submit a ticket to twitter regarding the twitter account suspended and enter the details or message. Here is the link to submit a ticket to twitter. Be polite and kind to them, don’t use any rude words on the message details.

Send a tweet (from the new account which you need to create) mentioning the account suspended to @Ginja and @Ginger – They are the member of the Twitter Trust and Safety Team (Spam/Abuse and Policy)

The third method is you can send a polite tweet @Delbius who heads the Twitter’s Trust and Safety team. Don’t keep on @tweeting them. Just send only one tweet and you will get a reply. If you keep on pestering them, then you will not be bothered.

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  1. icechen1 says:

    The ban appeal on Twitter sure looks much more friendly than Facebook’s. FB doesn’t even answer your requests…

  2. Nice tips. Thanks for the second & the third point.

  3. Nice tips indeed, one thing I would like to know more in detail though is, has it ever happened to have false positives? What makes an account’s activity “suspect”? Any experience on the matter?

  4. Amit kumar says:

    Thanks for the tip ..Nice tips

  5. 1skyliner says:

    The ban appeal on Twitter sure looks much more friendly.Thanks for the article. I liked reading it

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