Go Offline, Invisible mode in Facebook chat for certain friends


Facebook is one of the biggest social networking site, apart from networking with friends, Facebook has an in-built chat messenger or Facebook chat client that lets you to chat with your friends online on Facebook. Sometimes, people might irritate you by pinging you on Facebook chat or spammers may annoy you through Facebook chat. For that, you can go offline or invisible mode in Facebook chat for certain friends alone.

As we are talking about certain friends, for this you need to have a seperate friends list. You can easily create a friends list by clicking on the chat from the bottom of your facebook window. Once the chat window is opened, click on the Friends list and create a new list. You can create a new friends list such as office friends, family, school, close buddies etc. All friends not belong to a Friend Lists will be categorized as “Other Friends”. Type in the name to create a list and hit enter. Now just enter the names of your friends and select them into the list which you’ve created.

When you open your Facebook chat client, you can see friends are online the way you categorized your friends list such as office, family, close buddies etc. Now click on the green line beside these list names on the chat window. When you click on the specific list of friends and make it go offline. For example, Just click on the green light beside the friends list named “Office”, now you will appear offline only to your office friends.

For going offline or invisible mode on Facebook client is so simple, just make a friends list, name it and add your friends to the list. Now go to Facebook chat client, click on the green tube beside the list name and go offline or invisible to the entire list.

Hope you got the trick, if you find any issues in doing it, let me know in comments so that I can help you.

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  1. yeah..i know this trick and i am using it before :) thanks for share too

  2. jomimesh says:

    i use this ya but the problem i have is that sometime when i click the littel green tube to go offline it wont move over so i cant go offline

  3. Crunchynow says:

    thanks bro…

    very much useful……

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