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If you’re a blogger or freelance writer, you will know what the tags are used for. Tags are small keywords that will add more value to the content, easy for searching the content and also it is used like categories. I am asking this to you, how will you decide the tags for a blog post ? On what basis you set a tag for a content ? Basically when fix tags based on the main concept of the content. Suppose if the content revolves around CPU, RAM etc, then generally tags would be computers, hardware etc.

To make your work easier, here is an online tool that generates tags from the text content which you write. It automatically generates tags from the content. All you need to do is, just paste the content and hit the Tag It button. It will generate a set of tags that you can use it on your blogs and websites. is a webservice intended to provide you with tags for your texts. You can use it in your applications, in other webservices or just play around with it. Tags are nothing else than keywords, that you assign to your content. It is like putting a document into more than one folder.

This is an application able to extract the most important words in any text, generating a list of labels you can use to classify our content and offer a more intuitive way of navigating to our readers.


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    nice post.. its very usefull in bloggin.. thanks

  2. one of the most impressive blogs which i have come across in this month.

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