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With over 400 million active users on Facebook, and an average user spending more than 55 minutes per day on the social networking platform, it’s spin off Facebook chat is becoming an increasing popular method by which friends and family communicate with one another.

An average Facebook user is reported to have over 130 Facebook friends and adding 8 new friends each month, chatting on Facebook is becoming much more convenient than adding friends once again on other instant messaging applications. That said, browser based instant messaging is awkward at best – due to the difficulties of multi-tasking and problematic at worst due frequent browser crashes.

Many people are now using independent instant messaging software to access Facebook chat from their desktop. Chit Chat, reported to be the most popular, is one such Facebook messaging application. Moreover, Chit Chat has just received its more significant update since it was launched last year.

Chit Chat for Facebook is a free Facebook Instant Messaging (IM) application that allows users to login to their Facebook accounts and chat with their friends without opening the main site. Chit Chat users are also able to post status updates and write on their friends walls using the one simple desktop application.

There are around 10,000 new downloads of the Chit Chat for Facebook application every day and several hundred thousand people are already using the Facebook chat program to log in to their Facebook accounts on a daily basis. This makes Chit Chat one the most popular, and fastest growing, free IM applications available for the social networking site.

Using the Chit Chat application provides many Facebook instant messaging advantages. Some of the benefits include:

• Sound Alerts – The option to be alerted by an audible sound when friends sign in or out of the site and when new Facebook messages are posted. This means that the application can be minimized until needed. It is no longer necessary to sit refreshing a Facebook page, click recent events, or stare at open chat windows waiting for your friends to write their next reply.

• Facebook Status Posting – The ability to update profile status and post on friends walls directly from the Chit Chat window. A great option for those able to multi-task.

• Tabbed IM Window – A tabbed IM window. This means you can talk to multiple friends at once and be alerted visually when each friend posts a new comment.

• Customized Facebook Messaging – Users can customize the font color, size, and style used in the messenger. Great for those wanting to show their individuality.

Download Chit Chat for Facebook

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