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With the increase in ereading application devices like Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad – how to get the same feel of reading ebooks in Windows system ? Just the joy of reading books in electronic device with full colors and all the features of eReader is pure awesomeness. With this FREE eReading application for Windows, its just like reading the printed version.

Blio is a Free eReading Windows application that lets you to read ebooks with all kinds of features, full colors and whatever we want. Blio provides you same layout, fonts, and full-color images that you enjoy in the print version.

The ebook version should do something special than the printed version right ? So Bilo does a loud reading by highlighting each word as it goes. If you’re stuck with some word, you can find its meaning on Google, bing and more without leaving the ebook.

Blio offers built-in bookstore, right within the reader, to ensure a simpler and smoother buying experience rather than going to seperate web address and purchasing ebooks. You can find all the bestsellers and over hundred of top publishers. They have partnership with Baker & Taylor – the world’s largest distributor of physical and digital books.

Once we installed Blio, we can access the purchase of books or download free books. We can browse our library, where you will find all the books and 2 books downloaded and installed that will help us manage all Blio. It supports touch interaction for touch-enabled devices

Again you have all the features on the ebook application such as automatically zoom and navigate to the next logical place in the book and Blio BookVault lets you start a book on one device, and continue it from another, while saving your reading progress.

This application is compatible with Windows operating systems, occupying about 250MB and 1GB of RAM and need internet connection as well as Direct X 9 compatible graphics card and a minimum of 128 MB of memory to read the material.

Download Bilo – eReader application

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  1. Crunchynow says:

    this is awesome news…

    windows gives not only the OS with it…..but more…..

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