Find out What is behind the Shortened Address with URL Xray


On the past we had talked alot about shortening urls and tools to shorten lengthy urls and also decoding these lengthy urls. Adding to the decoding urls list, URL Xray allows you to find out the original url behind the shortened URL. Normally spammers and hackers used to hide the spam and infected links inside this shortened url, so it is always safe to check out the original url before you click on the shortened URL.

URLXray is a simple website that shows the long url which is hidden in a shortened URL. Just copy paste the shortened url into URL Xray box and it automatically decodes the short url and displays the lengthy URL.

Useful way to discover if a malware or infected links before we click on it. Check out other Similar tools : URL shortening extension for Google Chrome, Combine multiple links into One link, Decode short url on Twitter.

URL Xray

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