Find Number of Words and Frequency in document with Word Frequency Counter


Want to calculate how many times a word appears in a document and in a list of given documents ? Then Word Frequency counter allows you find out the number of words and the frequency in the word document.

Word Frequency Counter is an open source tool that allows anyone to find the number of words and the frequency thereof into a document.

Just paste the text of the document and click the Add button document, the words and the frequency will be represented by a list view.

Features :

  • The user may specify whether letter case will be ignored.
  • The user may specify a list of stopwords to be omitted.
  • Data can be copied either as plain text or as HTML and MS Office Excel format.

Word Frequency Counter requires. NET Framework 4.0 and runs on both 32-bit and 64 bit Windows.

Download Word Frequency Counter

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  1. Praveen-Techperk says:

    There is a default option in MS but still it can help to calculate the frequencies

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