Find How much time you Spend on Facebook


One of the best time waster, productivity killer, awesome place to network with friends & business, social marketing tool, spammers paradise – this is what Facebook is all about. When you open your Facebook account, you don’t know how the time moves quickly. Want to find out how much time you spend on Facebook per day ? Here is a Time tracker Firefox addon that does the job for you!

Time Tracker Firefox addon lets you to keep track of how much you browse with Firefox, a small timer clock runs below the Firefox window which displays the amount of time you’ve browsed a particular page. Once you’ve installed Time Tracker Firefox addon, you can see a small timer running below the window. Right click on the timer, you can see two options, ‘Reset’ and ‘Options’.

Features of Time Tracker Firefox Addon :

  • Tracks browsing time across sessions
  • Pauses automatically when you stop browsing
  • Reset counter
  • Pause toggle per window
  • List ‘work’ sites that should not count
  • Tooltip showing total time today, since last reset and since installing.

You can leave certain sites from tracking, just go to the options panel and type the specific websites that you don’t need to track. When talking about Facebook, just go to – click on the reset button on the time tracker. Start browsing Facebook and when you feel like closing Facebook, you can check out the total time you have spend on facebook.

Download Time Tracker Firefox addon

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  1. yeah thats true !! fb is great time pass !! will check how much time i waste on it !! lol :D

  2. AnimHuT says:

    Thanks, i usually use chrome, any plugin for this.

  3. Shiva | Web Magazine says:

    He he, Nice tool. I spend too much of a time on Facebook. I do not even need the tracker to track how much I spend….I spend 24 hours lol

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