Embed PowerPoint Presentations, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets on Blogs, Websites


If you’ve used Google docs web app, Microsoft has Office web app which lets you to create word document, excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations and OneNote everything online. You can create your document online, save it online on the cloud server – Skydrive (which offers 25GB space) and also embed directly on blogs and websites. All you need is a MSN account or Hotmail account. Office Web apps is a web based version of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. Create documents, Store it in SkyDrive, Real-time collaboration by multiple editors and also integrated messenger to chat with your working editors.

So this is all about Office Web app. Now we are going to see how to create document using Office web app or How to upload your document, powerpoint which you’ve created using Office desktop app and then how to display those docs online directly embed on blogs and websites. Here is a simple step by step tutorial.

Do you have an MSN or Hotmail account ? If not, create now – Its free.

Sign in your Hotmail account and go to www.office.live.com

On the right you can see icons such as create word document, excel, powerpoint and OneNote.

Select the type which you want and start creating the document online. It mostly has all the features of that office desktop app. Just complete your document and save it.

It will be saved in your Folder, you can browse through the folders my documents on your left side. You can also see Public folder created by default. If you move your document to the public folder, it can be seen by the whole world.

Now so far, we have seen creating documents online using Office Web app. What if you have already have the document or presentation ready on your computer ?

Just upload the documents online, it will be saved in the Sky drive of your account which is capable of holding files upto 25GB. You can upload any kind of files.

Now select the folder > You will be displayed with – My documents folder, Public folder and also you will have the option to create new folder. If you’re going to embed the document in websites or blogs, then upload it on Public folder so that every one can see the document.

Choose the public folder > upload the documents and Click ok.

Now the documents are uploaded > move the mouse over the document, you can see options like share, move, copy, remove etc.

Click on the share > embed > Get the code to paste in your blog post or website.

Now get the code, copy it and paste it on your Blog post. If you’re using Blogspot or WordPress dashboard, don’t forget to click on the HTML view of the post and paste the code in it.

If you’re embedding a post from some other folder other than Public, make sure you change the settings of the file so that everyone could see the document.

To change the permission of the file view, Go to More > Properties > move from ME to Everyone. (as show in the image below)

Now you’ve learned how to embed word documents, excel spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations and OneNote on bogs and websites. If you’ve any issues in creating or embedding files, drop your queries in comments below.

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