Draw, Paint on any WebPage with Markup.io


Previously we had seen HTML5 drawing app which is so cool you can draw and paint on a HTML5 canvas, this time we have an awesome app that lets you to draw, paint on any webpage instantly. You can draw squares, circles, paint using brushes with different colors etc.

Markup.io is an application that allows us to draw arrows, squares and circles above any web page, it lets you to convert some ideas into action. Share your ideas with coworkers, colleagues, and friends. MarkUp works in your browser, so there’s nothing to download and install; just drag the Get MarkUp icon into your bookmarks bar. When you want to make notes on a webpage, click your bookmarklet to load the MarkUp toolbar. Publish when you’re ready to share your thoughts.

You can see a big box on the page with ‘Get Markup’, just pull that box and drag it on your bookmarks bar. What I did was, added the markup.io bookmarklet into my bookmarks bar and tried it on Google.com homepage. It was awesome to paint on the webpage with squares & circles.

Once you’ve completed the drawing, you can publish the page and get the unique URL with the image captured, making it easy to share by email seeking feedback where necessary. So simple, add the link on the favorites bar, when you want to paint on any website which we are viewing, just click the bookmarklet, load the markup.io tool and start painting.

Markup.io – Paint on any website

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