Download From Grooveshark Mp3 Songs with Grooveshark Downloader


How to download from Grooveshark ? Grooveshark is my favorite free online music site and internet radio that entertains me all time. Grooveshark music download isn’t possible, download songs from grooveshark using a simple free online tool named SciLor’s Grooveshark downloader. It downloads mp3 grooveshark in just one click. There are many other tools like orbit grooveshark downloader etc, but this tool is so cool and personally I loved it.

Scilor’s Grooveshark downloader is a simple grooveshark music downloader which downloads mp3 songs from Grooveshark. The interface is sleek and has some cool options. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Grooveshark downloader, hit the search box and type the song you want to download from Grooveshark. It searches the Grooveshark database and lists out all the songs, now click the song and add it to the download list.

Now click the download button and download mp3 songs directly from Grooveshark to your computer. You can also mention where it need to be saved using the settings panel on the grooveshark downloader. You can see a popular button beside the search button. If you click that, it will list out all the popular songs on Grooveshark. So that you can download all the popular songs directly.

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  1. Hi Sri, I am new to hear about the Grooveshark, but the site looks really cool. Well I am gonna use it for hearing songs. BTW thanks for this tutorial.

  2. Crunchynow says:

    nice downloading site…

    good features too…..

  3. mrtreb says:

    wew … nice software, i love it

    but i do have a suggesstion
    i hope it could preview or play the song that you want to download , and also it can search playlists too not only the songs …

    thanks for this …

  4. cooolboy says:

    thanx ma man +1 UpUpUpUpUpUp

  5. ashmerge says:

    dude – you are my personal hero. blessings and many-thanks!

  6. Henry says:

    Great work Sri! I tried using Orbit downloader but it kept crashing firefox on me, this is so much better and easier to use! Thanks a million! – Henry

  7. Reese says:

    U can also use Audials Tunebite to save streaming music from Grooveshark to mp3 songs:

    Works pretty good as a Grooveshark downloader, just discovered it myself a couple of months ago. Who knows, u guys might find it useful as well.

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