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YouTube is one of the biggest video hosting website where it receives 2 billion views per day and 24 hours of video are uploaded per minute. Also statistics says that average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube. When you ask me, I spend the whole day watching videos on YouTube / Facebook as well working side by side. Here is a tool that lets you to watch YouTube videos while you work on your task.

PlayinUrTubez is a YouTube video playlist looper where you can save your loops as YouTube playlists. Useful web service that allows you to create your own YouTube playlist without a need of YouTube account, Just go to PlayinUrTubez, search for videos or use YouTube username and select the songs from them and create your own playlist, it continuously plays videos on loops.

It doesn’t ask you for any sign up or registration, just go to PlayinUrTubez and search for YouTube videos, use the plus sign beside the video to add it to your playlist. If at all you want to export this playlist to your YouTube account, you can authorize your YouTube account with PlayinUrTubez.

It has an easy user interface and visually attractive, simple and efficient way to watch our favorite videos.

PlayinUrTubez – YouTube Playlists Creator

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  1. I won’t use it… too much disturbance @ work is not good.

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