Create your Own Google maps using Cartoview


On the past we had talked a lot about Google maps labs feature such as finding out distance between two places, finding interesting places around the world and also saving Google maps for offline use. Now we are going to see how to create your own Google maps ?

Cartoview is a free map creation tool from CartoLogic that lets you to install and configure our own custom maps with Google maps on our website and blogs. CartoView allows you to use Google maps, Google Earth Browser, Openlayers and other mapping APIs interchangeably.

If you’re wondering what type of maps can be created from Cartoview, then you must look into this demo maps which is created using Cartoview. You can view the entire demo maps from Cartoview.

Cartoview is one of the best tool if you’re planning to integrate maps into your website. Beside the maps, the website has number of plugins that add layers to other services such as Foursquare, Flickr, Gowalla, Google Earth, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc.

Download Cartoview – Creating Online Maps

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