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Creating subtitles for videos isn’t easy task. For people who do not understand the language, subtitles and captions are written below the video to make them understand better. Adding subtitles to the videos is made easy with Universal Subtitles application. If you’re creating an video with your own language and want to make it understand universally, then you need to add subtitles in the universal language eg: English. So adding captions, subtitles can be written easily below the video with this application. Adding Subtitles will really help deaf and people with hearing problems so that these subtitles will help them to access the video. It also gives you a wider audience and get better search rankings.

Adding Subtitles to the video is easy with Universal Subtitles. Suppose if you’ve uploaded your video on YouTube, just copy the YouTube URL from the address bar, Paste it on the Universal Subtitles application, then once you hit begin button, you can start typing the subtitles as per scene on the video. Finally you can sync both the subtitles and video play.

Once you’ve created the video, you can get the embed code and place it on any website or blogs, So that when people access those videos, they are able to see the video with the subtitles and lot of language options to translate the video. This application supports video websites like YouTube,, uStream and many more.

All you need to do is, just simply sign up a free account on Universal Subtitles, if not you can also connect with your twitter, Google or Open ID account. Once you’ve logged in, just copy paste the YouTube URL video or any other video and start adding the subtitles when the video plays.

Universal Subtitles

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