Create Profile Picture using all your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace friends


Just now we talked about creating photo mosaic online, this one is same like that but you can create the photo mosaic using your Facebook, Twitter or Myspace friends. Cool isn’t it ? Just login with the profiles of your Facebook or twitter or myspace accounts, it automatically pulls down all your friends profile picture and creates your picture from it. Easily create your picture from your Facebook, Myspace or Twitter friends profile.

Frintr creates a collage of all your friend’s profile pictures and tries to arrange them in such a way that when viewed from a distance they appear to form another image, most often your own profile picture.

For best results you will need at least 50 friends, the more friends, the more profile pictures you can use and so the more detailed and less repetitive the final collaged Frint will appear.

Frintr – Your Profile picture made from all your friends !

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  1. Ela says:

    Cool man. I used frintr with my facebook and twitter accounts, its awesome.nice post

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