Create Own Newspaper Clipping Image Generator


Creating your own newspaper clipping is always a fun, you can play prank with your friends by showing them the fake news paper clipping. You can create a fake newspaper clipping using an online generator tool from Fodey generators offers wide variety of instant fun through an online tools such as news paper clipping, ninja text, clapper board etc.

You can create own newspaper clipping using Newspaper clipping image generator tool. Just go to Fodey Newspaper clipping generator tool and enter the details such as Name of the newspaper, Date format, Headline, story details and hit the generate button to get your own image.

Check out Fake Newspaper Clipping Image Generator

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  1. This is pretty cool looks like need to put this to good use. Thank you, when I use it for a post I’ll link you up.

  2. vishnu says:

    awesome :)

    nice one

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