Create Days Countdown Clock for Websites, Blogs


When you’re all set for an event or a new website to be launched, count down clock runs on the website so that people would really be excited and looking forward to the launch date. How to set up a count down clock for your website launch or event launch ? There is a app for it. See an example of Count down clock.

Countdown Days counter is an interesting application that will allow us to create count down clock for a event launch, birthday reminder etc. Apart from the counter clock, the app provides visitors to comment on your project so that it helps the webmaster or event creater to get feedback.

Creating a countdown is so simple as that, just hit the create countdown button and enter the time zone, date until event etc. That’s it.

To embed the countdown counter clock on your website, copy the URL of the countdown clock from the address bar and put it through an iframe on your website.

Visit Countdown Clock Counter

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