Create a Book from your Tweets with Twournal


We had seen alot of twitter tools such as backing up your tweets, background images for twitter, Tips for protecting your twitter account etc. Today lets see how to create a book from your tweets. Twitter to journal with Twournal. Get your Twournal as an eBook for free by Creating a Twournal. It’s a stylish way to backup your tweets.

Twournal is a interesting service that lets you to take backup of your tweets just by creating an book from your tweets. You can create a book from tweets and images. All you need to do is, just request an invitation for using Twournal @twournal at their twitter account, once you’ve requested the invite, they will DM you the invite code.

Using the invite code, you can register an free account at twournal and start using them. Create printed books from your tweets or backup your tweets to a free PDF. You can customize your twitter book by adding your favorite tweets at start and end point. You can add color covers to the book and also add twitpic, yfrog images which you’ve shared on twitter.

You can print your @mentions, You can share the moments to your grand childrens by making a book of your twitter account etc. Cherish the moments with Twournal. Check out the below video –

Create PDF Ebook from tweets – Twournal

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