Clean, Delete Windows Files Folders with Folder Cleaner


Windows delete files using folder cleaner tool. If you’re a programmer or debugger, there would be lot of files and folders created as a result of debugging or programming codes. These programmers seasonly delete these files from folders and directories.

Folder Cleaner tool allows to create and modify the list of directories, in which necessary to delete all (or not all) files. For each directory possible install options for removing the files (Exclude files for delete, Include only files for delete etc).

Once the Folder Cleaner tool is downloaded, double click the exe file and there by Folder Cleaner starts, you can add folders, directories to it just by right clicking context menu and add folders. You can Process > clean to delete (or search for and delete) files on mask.

There are also other options like you can exclude certain type of files such as exe,jpg etc. Also you can include certain type of files for cleaning task.

Download Folder Cleaner

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