Check Laptop Battery Life Performance using Battery Eater


Recently I bought one dell laptop and wanted to check the dell laptop battery life. Normally on the product’s user guide book, they would have stated the battery life etc. But I personally wanted to check it on my machine. So I tried this Battery Eater small free tool that can be used to measure your battery life and you can check your laptop battery life and decide if it is the right time to replace your laptop battery.

Battery Eater is a free tool that helps you to measure you laptop, netbook battery life. It will measure the minimum operation time of a notebook (when all power-saving options are disabled) under conditions close to the maximum workload.

You can change the benchmark mode from Classic to Readers test or Idle mode. When you click on the info button, a detailed report on your hardware specifications is displayed such as CPU, RAM, HDD, Power options etc.

Download Battery Eater

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  1. Crunchynow says:


    nice tool to check my battery life…..

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