Block Windows Applications with App Admin


Blocking applications in Windows isn’t easy. If you want to block any program installed on your computer such as Windows Live Messenger, adobe block update or block microsoft update programs etc. Using App Admin free tool you can block any Windows application easily at one click. These kind of tools are used mostly to prevent kids from accessing those applications. You may be in a state that you don’t want to uninstall the application, and also don’t want your childrens to access it. So you can simply block it password protected.

AppAdmin is a quick portable freeware and practical solution to restrict a application, ideal for those who have small children or for Computer used in business. In a few seconds and in a simple way you can block any program installed on your computer such as Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Skype etc. The program have a password to prevent blocked programs.

Once you’ve installed AppAdmin, just drag and drop an application or select the application using the Block button. If you don’t see the blocked application listed, then try hitting the restart explorer option so that there is no need to restart your PC. Once the application is added to the block list, you cannot break it through gpedit.msc or anything else.

If you want the block application and make it password protected, then click password button and enter a password , if you want to use AppAdmin next time, you must enter the password. if you want to delete the password click password button again, write your old password and finally click apply password button

Download AppAdmin to Block Windows Application

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  1. Nice app dude, I loved that password protection feature!

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