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The apps for iPhone is like a Eye to human. Finding out the best apps for iPhone is not really tough. but some online tools and websites help us to find out the best iphone apps, free iphone apps and iPad best apps. Recently we had seen the Droidthing, comparison chart for android devices which lets you to pick the best android device. Likewise, here is an online database of iPhone apps that lets you to select the best iPhone apps and featured iPad apps.

App of the day allows you to find out the best iPhone and iPod touch apps and games. When you enter into App of the day, it shows the best apps for both iPhone and iPad. It shows a short description below the app with the price details whether it is paid or free apps.

It doesn’t show the ratings of the apps, here we are talking only about the Best, best !! You can also see the apps that have been featured in the past couple of days.

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