Affiliate Marketing Programs: Are They Sure Ways of Making Money Online?


It may sound new, but the idea has been around for ages. Promote someone else’s products and earn commission on resulting sales. Door-to-door salespeople and insurance agents have done it for over a century. In the virtual world, it happens too. In fact, it’s a huge industry and it’s growing rapidly and relentlessly. There are various ways of being paid for pushing someone else’s merchandise online. Two especially popular methods stand out: Affiliate Links and Affiliate Advertising. There is no financial outlay required and neither involves knocking on doors or talking to customers.

Previously we had talked in detail about what is affiliate marketing and how to start with it ? Now let’s see some ways of making money through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Links Programs

These kinds of affiliates are like salespeople. They recommend a product or service, and get paid commission when someone buys. They can make recommendations in many different ways. Let’s say there’s an online store selling classic movies. An affiliate could recommend this site and potentially earn commission by doing so. For example, an affiliate with a website might write an article about, say, old movies, publish it on the website and embed in it a link to the classic movies website. If a reader of the article on the affiliate’s website clicks on that embedded link and subsequently makes a purchase on the classic movie website, the affiliate receives a commission.

Becoming this kind of affiliate is easy and free. Numerous businesses have been set up specifically to manage affiliate programs. They make it easy both for affiliates to find appropriate products and services to promote, and for merchants to link up with them. They’re called Affiliate Networks: the intermediaries between the affiliate and the merchant. An affiliate registers with a network and, from the network’s merchant directory, selects products or services to promote. The affiliate writes articles and embeds the link code for the selected products or services in the text. The network keeps track of any commission due to the affiliate and arranges payment, usually on a monthly basis.

One attraction of this system is that the affiliate does not have to own a website. The affiliate can place the article on someone else’s website, blog or forum. For example, the article mentioned above could appear on a blog dealing with movies, entertainment, or home cinema equipment. There are countless websites looking for well-written articles on specialist subjects. A big number of those allow affiliate links to be included in the text. If the article is good, many people are likely to read it. Some of those readers will click the link and make a purchase. Over time and with enough good quality articles, an affiliate can generate a sizable amount of commission even without owning a website.

Affiliate Advertising Programs

Another type of affiliate program is Web advertising. Most people are familiar with it because they see such advertisements on many of the websites they visit. In this model, the website owner (affiliate) opens an account with the advertisement provider (a company like Google or Yahoo!). This is a simple process and it’s free. The advertisement provider supplies HTML code that the affiliate adds to the website. Each time a user visits the website, the embedded code automatically sends a message to the provider requesting the advertisement content. For example, if the affiliate’s website were about books, the advertising would most likely target people interested in reading. Such targeting can be fine-tuned to match the user’s geographic location. For example, it might display an advertisement for a local bookstore, or for a best-seller just released in the user’s area. This kind of fine-tuning is sometimes referred to as “contextual advertising.” The affiliate can place restrictions on the kind of advertising that is displayed so that, for example, a competitor’s advertising does not appear. With this kind of program, the website owner is paid for simply displaying the advertisements.

These are two ways to earn money online. Of course, there are many other ways, but nearly all are more complicated to set up and generally require investment. It’s not difficult to understand why affiliate programs are among the most popular.

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