Add Top bar on Blog, Website using The Hello Bar


Have you noticed the little bar at top of many websites and blogs which has some important news or announcements regarding the website. You can easily install the top bar on blogs and websites using the Hello Bar app. Using this Hello Bar, you can add text and links on the top of the website or blog. It gets more exposure from the readers so you can use it for important announcements such as giveaways, maintenance notice etc.

Hello Bar shows information to the readers by displaying a simple bar at top of the website or blogs. When it is installed on your website, blogs it appears in the top of the web, displaynig the text and links which you type in. For example, you can put in blog rss feed to display all the posts in rotation or your blog’s facebook page link.

Once you’ve signed up a free account with, you can click create a new hellobar and go with the settings by choosing color of the bar, appearance and also put in the text and links etc.

Finally, copy the code and post it just below the body tag. Now go to your website and see the Bar on the top.

Hellobar – Add Top Bar on websites

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